Gateway Arch

Here is a photo of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis taken last year. The Arch grounds are currently going through a complete renovation: all of the trees are being removed, new landscaping and new attractions. The arch is an interesting subject since each angle presents a completely different photo. Every photo can be a new experience.


Lewis and Clark at Eads Bridge

This is a photo taken a few years ago at Eads Bridge. This photo, like many, was processed with Photomatix and Lightroom. This give the interesting “surreal” look and high-definition.

Apparently, the statue of Lewis and Clark has been moved because it spends a lot of time under water due to flooding!


St. Louis Riverfront

Introducing Great Rivers Imaging, a photographic site located in the Midwestern city of St. Louis, Missouri. Centered on the confluence of the Missouri, Mississippi and Illinois rivers St. Louis marks in heart of our country. I hope you will follow this site for great images and information on photography.


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