Software Used

Adobe Creative Cloud


Adobe Lightroom is used to manage your photos. It allows you to organize, index and easily find photos. Also, it has very powerful editing tools specifically designed for editing in RAW format. You can also use Lightroom to launch secondary editors such as Photoshop or Photomatix. After adjustments are made they appear in your Lightroom filing system.


Adobe Photoshop is a very powerful photo editor. It works well with most file systems such as jpg or RAW. Sharpen photos, enhance colors, rework complete photos and more. With the Adobe Creative Cloud you get Lightroom, Photoshop and many more software packages for a reasonable price.


Standard photographs look flat because because of the small range of light captured by the sensor. An answer to this is to take multiple photos of the same subject at different exposures. These photos can be then combined with a higher “dynamic range.” This is known as HDR photography and you can use various software packages to combine these photos. Lightroom and Photoshop will do this. However, there is a software package known called Photmatix by HDRsoft that has a lot of tools to give you outstanding results.

Photomatix will process one or more photos and allow you to review various configurations for the photo you want. You can then fine tune the result. Many of the photos on this site are processed through Photomatix.



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