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Botanical Garden Gatehouse

The holiday season offers a lot of opportunities for interesting photos. This is the old gatehouse at the Missouri Botanical Garden. Every year they create their “Garden Glow” where part of the property is highly decorated with lights and displays. It is a great place to photograph but do not take a tripod! To photograph Christmas lights at night, you will need a good camera and a tripod. Unfortunately many displays are drive-thru so you cannot get out of your car and displays like this are full of people so tripods are not allowed. Be sure to check the venue’s website to see if they have a Photographer’s Night or a special group that allows special equipment. The Missouri Botanical Garden has several of these nights during their Garden Glow. During these events, there are fewer people so there are more photo opportunities and the ability to spend time to explore angles, usually not available, helps find better shots .

The Discussion

Herbst Farm Dec. 2018

Watching these hounds hunt is fascinating. Bassets are pack animals and work together to track their prey. When one finds a scent and heads into the brush, the others spread out knowing the target will run. The secondary hounds try to judge the direction of the prey and attempt to cut it off. During all of this all you can see the white tips of each tail and the the sound of each hounds “voice” as they communicate with each other.

It is the horseman’s task to keep the hounds from wandering too far away.

Christmas time at Kirkwood Station

Kirkwood Station

The Kirkwood station is a busy place with families traveling to meet with friends and family for the holidays.

This photo was something of a surprise. When this was taken, the sun was down and it was dark outside. Three exposures were taken, one under exposed, one over exposed and one at standard exposure. These were combined with this result. For more information on this technique, see my HDR Tutorial.

Loop Trolley on the Run

After years of Development, cost overruns and delays, the “Loop Trolley” begins it second day of full runs.The trolley runs from Forest Park’s History Museum to the University City Loop Area (Delamr Loop). On this day, it was packed with people and the Loop was buzzing. One day I will have to take a ride….

Basset Hounds

Three Creek Bassets Blessing of the Hounds 2018

Many of our Sunday afternoons are spent in St. Charles County watching these hounds demonstrate their tracking skills. They are part of Three Creek Bassets, a professional pack of Basset Hounds that compete nationally.

Their short powerful legs allow them to forage through dense brush where rabbits hide. Their goal is to track the rabbits as long a possible but this is the rabbits home turf. They lead the Bassets on a rowdy chase but eventually lose them. Everyone has good time!

Fall Walk

Fall in St. Louis never disappointing. This is an area in Chesterfield Valley just above Spirit of St. Louis Airport. I have walked past this tree several times in the fall and it has always been amazing. So is the walk. This is a Plateau between the lower part of the valley and Wild Horse Creek Rd. and it is a very steep climb!

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