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Ideas for places to visit in the Midwest

Off The Wheel Pottery

Door County

This is a pottery shop in an old barn in Door County. In fact, it is spread through this barn and a number of sheds on this old farm site. My wife likes to come here and shop while I walk around photographing the grounds.

The owner makes her own pottery and displays everything in these very well maintained buildings. I will share a few more photos of the place over the next few days.

Bond Falls

Northern Wisconsin has been my second home since I was 4. Over the past few years I have tried to see something new and Bond Falls was on my list. It did not disappoint.

Spectacular Bond Falls, a Michigan Scenic Site, is located on the Middle Branch of the Ontonagon River, 10 miles north of Watersmeet or 9 miles south of Bruce Crossing in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

This scenic waterfall tumbles over ancient fractured volcanic rock in several cascades for a total drop of about 50 feet in all. The falls pools at the bottom creating a little island with a bridge to the island so you can stand in the middle of the falls for an up close view.

There is a new parking area near the base of the falls and an easy level path to the viewing area where you will see one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Upper Peninsula. A 600′ boardwalk leads to 6 viewing platforms for a wonderful view of the falls and an ideal location for photographers.

Upper Bond Falls

This is the upper part of the amazing Bond Falls in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Water cascades through a long series of minor falls before it pours over massive boulders on the lower section. Bond Falls is a waterfall on the middle branch of the Ontonagon River, a few miles east of Paulding in Haight Township in southern Ontonagon County, Michigan. The site is near U.S. Highway 45 in the western portion of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Empty Suit

City Garden

The sculptor, Erwin Wurm, calls this Big Suit but I like Empty Suit better. Wurm chooses everyday objects as the subject of his work in an attempt to inspire viewers to question both the traditional definition of sculpture and their relationship to the world. Big Suit, plays with our perception of volume, one of the basic elements of sculpture, by creating an outer shell of cast aluminum that defines the mass we imagine inside the pink suit. Also, it contrasts well with the two massive and empty, AT&T office buildings. Thank you AT&T.

This is one of many “interesting” sculptures in St. Louis’ City Garden, a great place for kids of all ages.

The Door of Return

City Garden

Sculpture in St. Louis’ City Garden. The egg-shaped form at the top of the door resembles a seed that has just split open or a mouth that opens to the sky, like a baby’s first cry. Artist Kan Yasuda has left the answer deliberately ambiguous, leading us to think about time and space, life and death, the past and the present. When we pass through the door
what is the place we are returning to?

City Garden

Fountain in St. Louis’ City Garden. This area is full of interesting sculptures, water features and lighting. This is one of those fountains that is always changing and at night, the lighting adds another dimension. Located in the central downtown area it is fun just to pass through it while going from one event to another.


Just South of Downtown Kansas City, you will find the National World War I Memorial. This is on a high hill overlooking Downtown Kansas City and their Union Station. You cannot tell from this photo but this is a steep incline leading from the station up to the memorial. See the previous photo for the view down this hill.

This is a three shot HDR photo taken without a tripod. The HDR allows you to capture the sunset and the building with out over exposure and under exposure.

KC Skyline

One of the great places to photograph the Kansas City skyline is at the National World War I  Memorial just south of the Downtown area. This is on a large hill which gives you this great perspective. You can drive up to the top or park at the station and walk up the hill.

In this photo is KC’s Union Station with the downtown area in the background.

Basset on my chair

Over the weekend I was honored to care for two lost Basset Hounds. This hound and his sister were found wandering around a nearby neighborhood. I am affiliated with a Basset Rescue group in the Midwest so I took them for a few days until they could be transferred to the rescue group.

These hounds were found without collars, tags or microchips. It seemed that someone did not want them and left them to find a new home.

Interestingly, these are very valuable Bassets. Great markings, great temperaments, well proportioned. I am hoping they will find a nice new home.

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