Art Hill Trees

Art Hill in Forest Park may be considered the the heart of the park. Art hill is well known for snow sledding, kit flying, picnicking and just a place to congregate.  The hill stretches from the entrance of the St. Louis Art Museum down the the Grand Basin which is what is left of the canal system from the 1904 World’s Fair.

This is a scene of the walkway that lines the upper rim of the hill. The turning of these trees in the fall is the highlight of fall in Forest Park.

Nathan Frank Memorial Bandstand

Nathan Frank Band Stand at Pagoda Circle in Forest Park shows off its brilliant red trees. There are some classic fall scenes in Forest Park and this is one. The trees that line Art Hill is another.

The original Band Stand was built around 1876 and is in the center of a lake with no access by foot. Currently is sits in front of Forest Park’s Municipal Opera.

Click on the photo for a larger version.

The Hunters

The Three Creek Basset Pack has started their 2021 – 2022 season with the Blessing of the Hounds at Strathalbyn Farms.  The pack can be seen hunting along Wolfrum Road or Busch Wildlife Conservation Area most Sunday afternoons. Sometime when you are in St. Charles County, on an old windy road, you can stop and listen for the hunter’s horn calling in the hounds.

Country Road

On of the most scenic areas in St. Charles County. This is a private shooting and hunting site but represent much of this scenic area. Across the road is Busch Wildlife, a public wildlife preserve that gives you access to this rural area in Weldon Spring, MO.

A fall walk

Chesterfield Valley

Time to get out into the country for some fall color. Over the next few weekends I will be out with the Three Creek Bassets: enjoying the outdoors, taking in the color and following the hounds. We will be hunting rural Weldon Spring in St. Charles County, MO.  Watch for photos!

This particular photo was taken on the bluffs overlooking Chesterfield Valley.

Ducks in a row

Ducks in a Row

These are few of the many water fowl in Forest Park. A good place to see these ducks is near the suspension bridge just east of the Grand Basin. There are various types of ducks, geese and an egret or two wandering about.

This photo was taken with a 70-200mm lens @ 200mm, f3.3. This gives the sharp image of the first duck with a nice bokeh in the background. Click on the photo for more information.


Minocqua, WI

A still fall morning on Lake Minocqua turns into a mirror.  The warm water on a cold morning brings out a mist on the lake. This is an old train trestle that brought summer tourists into the area and lumber out. Now, known as the Bearskin Trail, the old rail bed leads hikers across bridges and through marshes. This is a great walk and exposes travelers to the wildlife in the area.

Get up early to capture this kind of photo, click on the photo for a larger version.

Empty Docks

Minocqua, WI

Empty docks mean the winter is on its way. The day after this photo was taken, the snows started. While the lake is no longer busy, the fall colors in Wisconsin’s Northwoods are stunning and this resort will be crowded for the next few weeks.

When staying in Minocqua, WI, I usually get up early in the morning to catch a sunrise or see the lake looking like a mirror. On this day the mist was  added to the atmosphere of the lake.

This is three photographs taken at different exposures on order to get a nice image of the docks regardless of the mist.

Misty Morning on the Lake

Minocqua, WI

Winter is moving in on Like Minocqua in Minocqua, Wisconsin. Cold air on the summer warmed lake creates this foggy scene were Highway 51 crosses into downtown.

This was taken from the Highway 51 Bridge where it crosses the lake. I got up early one morning to capture the sunrise at this same location but found the overcast. However, it could not have been more dramatic.

This is a three shot HDR photo that corrects the lighting and brings out the subjects and reflections.

Click on the photo for more information.

Fishing on Fishtrap Lake

Loon Waters

Boating on remote Fishtrap Lake outside of Boulder Junction. This is a favorite place for pleasure boating, skiing and fishing. Even these old Rock & Roller’s enjoy some quiet fishing the and escape from fans.

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