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The Nikon Z 6 is a full-frame mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera produced by Nikon. The camera was officially announced on August 23, 2018, to be released in November. Nikon began shipping the Z 6 to retailers on November 16, 2018. This was the second camera to use Nikon’s new Z-mount system after the release of the 45.75 megapixel Nikon Z 7 in September 2018.

This more-affordable 24.5 megapixel full-frame model offers nearly all of the same specifications as the Z 7. Aside from the lower resolution, differences include fewer phase-detection autofocus points (273 compared to 493) and an added anti-aliasing filter. The fewer megapixels allow for some benefits: a higher ISO equivalent, faster 12 fps (vs. 9 fps) drive speed, greater burst depth and the ability to capture oversampled 4K video in full-frame up to 30 fps (and also in APS-C Crop, 10 MP APS-C still images can be captured) recording.


Nikon D7100

The Nikon D7100 is a high-end camera for amateurs. It has a DX format sensor with 24 million pixels with an ISO range of 100-6400 and a shutter speed of 30 to 1/800 sec shutter speed. The D7100 can shoot up to 6 frames per second and uses JPEC or RAW formats. This camera also does bracketing. This means that it will shoot multiple photos at different settings. For example: if my post mentions that it was taken in three shots, the bracketing mode took three exposures at different settings. Usually one at normal exposure, one +2 stops and one -2 stops. This provides a wider range of light than a single exposure and provides more data for a richer photo.

I like this camera because it works well in low light situations. It also has a special mode to magnify an image so that your telephoto images are enhanced without going to a higher focal length lens. It handles noise better than most comparable cameras.

All things considered, this is a very powerful camera for a low price!

See more information at Nikon’s web site:

Click here to see pricing on


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