Using Flickr to improve your photography

If you are looking for a way to see what other photographers are doing or are looking for feedback on your photos, I would suggest using a service called Flickr ( Flickr is a great place to show off your photos for friends to see, get feedback and find other great photographers.

You can find the type of photographers that may be of interest to you. This includes style, subjects or location. I have a particular area of the country I like to visit and follow photographers from there. You can “follow” particular photographers but they do not have to “follow” you back to be able to see their work. The more people you follow, the more people that will follow you and see your work.

People that follow you will be able to rate your work by either clicking a favorite star or by commenting. Flickr is able to rate your photos by numerous methods including “interestingness.” This is a combination of views, favorites and comments received by your photo over a period of time.

Minocqua Boathouses-30

According to Flickr, the above photo is my most interesting photo. To find this little house on the lake, I used Flickr to show me photos taken in Star Lake, Wisconsin. Others had visited this location and taken this photo so I was able to find it on a map so I could find this hidden treasure. An overcast Fall day made for an interesting scene.

Click here to see my Flickr site

Click here to find out more about this structure

Click “Photography Tips” above for more suggestions.



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