Ha Ha Tonka Ruins

Lightroom just came out with a new HDR, Panorama merge feature so I thought I would test it out. This a photo taken several years ago and thought it would be perfect for a test of this feature. The photo is in two sections, left and right. Each section is 5 shots taken at 5 different exposures for a total of 10 photos. After the merge everything could be adjusted to give the right effect. As you can see, it turned out nicely.

I needed to do the photo in two sections because, directly behind me is a sheer cliff  ending in the Lake of the Ozarks about 100 feet below. In order to use sunlight effects, I had to shoot from this side of the building and was limited on how far away I could get from the building due to the cliff. The sun being on the other side of the building meant I had to use HDR to eliminate harsh shadows.

The subject is an abandoned home overlooking the Lake of the Ozarks. Not too long after it was built, a fire destroyed the home and it was finally abandoned. The State of Missouri inherited the property, preserved the ruins and called it Ha HA Tonka park.



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