Fredrickson’s Bait Shop

Minocqua, WI

Hidden on Star Lake is this little Bait Shop. Actually it is a little museum  commemorating Edith and Hazel Fredrickson, two elderly sisters whom sat in their bait shop on the shore of this lake for over 70 years selling worms and minnows. These ladies were much celebrated as, year after year, hundreds upon hundreds of visitors would stop by to buy bait, chat or listen to them tell stories of what Star Lake used to be — in the old days. “The Girls” as they were called, lived their entire lives, of just under 100 years, in Star Lake. They saw Star Lake go from a booming lumber Milltown and largest town in Vilas County of the early 1900’s, to ghost town when the Milltown moved out and eventually to the remote fishing village that it remains today.

This is the second of two must have shots from Northern Wisconsin.

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