Morning on the Lake

The Pointe Docks

As things wind down on the northern lakes of Wisconsin, the fishermen still keep their boats in the water hoping for another opportunity to catch a Musky or Walleye. The Northwoods offers stunning sunrises and sunsets at this time and cool days at this time of year.

This photo was taken before sunrise on Lake Minocqua. The lighting at this time offers stunning colors while highlighting the glow of incandescent lights in windows and in the background.

3 thoughts on “Morning on the Lake

  1. Ted, I like your pics and subscribe to the updates. I’ve noticed lately though — last couple weeks — the email updates no longer have the photos inline. It’s just a link. Much more convenient to actually see the picture in the email than to click a link. I’m sure it’s not intentional. Maybe a WordPress thing?


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