Missouri Botanical Garden

Henry Shaw’s home is ready for Christmas. This is the home of Henry Shaw on the grounds of the Missouri Botanical Garden. Henry Shaw was a businessman and amateur botanist in St. Louis when it was a gateway city to the West. His businesses supplied residents, pioneers and others. Having made his fortune, he was able to retire at age 40, pursue his interest in botany, and used much of his fortune in philanthropy. He is best known as the founder of the Missouri Botanical Garden, but he also donated the land to the city for Tower Grove Park and oversaw its development. He donated funds to several other city institutions as well.

The Botanical Garden sponsors an annual Christmas tour where the grounds are spectacularly decorated. Click here for more images: https://greatrivers.smugmug.com/Galleries/Botanical-Garden/. Click on the image for more information on it or to purchase a copy.