Compton Hill Reservoir Park

The water tower, built as superstructure for Stand Pipe No. 3 in 1899 after a Romanesque design by Harvey Ellis, is a South Saint Louis landmark. The tower quickly became a favorite spot from which to view the City, and remains so today with limited public hours for the public to tour and climb to the top. The structure consists of a stone base, with a brick shaft that rises 179 feet with a total of 198 steps.

The statue is called: The Naked Truth. The monument honors three great German newspaper editors of the St. Louis Westliche Post; Carl Schurz, Dr. Emil Preetorius and Carl Danzier. The revealing statue is quite naturally a symbol of truth and the torches symbolize the enlightenment of the German and American alliances. The German immigrants quickly became abolitionists, joining with other anti-slavery groups to form the Republican Party. The inscription at the rear is in both German and American language. The statue was unveiled in May of 1914.

The park can be found on Grand Ave., just south of Interstate 44.

For a larger version click on the photo.

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