Spiral Staircase in Shaker Village of Pleasent Hill

One of a pair of spiral staircases in the Trustee’s Guest House in Shaker Village of  Pleasent Hill in Kentucky.

The Trustees’ Office and Guest House, built in 1839-1841 by Micajah Burnett, housed the offices of the legal and financial leaders of the Shaker community at Pleasant Hill, and provided lodging to traveling Shakers.

The north-facing brick building measures fifty by fifty-three feet and rests on a high exposed limestone basement. The off-axis kitchen ell measures thirty-four by sixty-five feet. Like all of the brick buildings at Pleasant Hill, Burnett used a combination of noggin framed and solid brick. The facade is divided into three bays with unusually wide triple-light windows. The front door has a shallow sunburst fanlight and four pane sidelights. A graceful brick archivolt frames the doorway. On center with the front door is a single attic-story cupola dormer with graceful arched sash window.

We stayed on the third floor of this building (no elevator) durng the “Foot Pack Weekend” hosted there which featured hunting Basset Hounds and Beagles. Click here to see a complete set of photos.

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