Windy Road

Door County

This is a road on the northern tip of the Door County peninsula in Wisconsin. Researching a visit to Door County last fall I found that this was a very popular place to photograph. Visiting some art shows in the area, this was also a favorite scene in artists portfolio of work. When I drove to this area to take a look, there were several other photographers already taking photos. What makes this windy road interesting is the “compression” effect of the telephoto lens. This was taken with my Tamron 70-300mm lens, set to 185mm. At this setting almost all of the road is included in the scene even thought it goes back for almost a half mile. The telephoto lens, as it is supposed to do, makes everything look closer. Unfortunately this was a bad time of day and weather condition for this photo. Sunrise, sunset or overcast conditions would have removed the distracting tree shadows.

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