Fredrickson’s Bait Shop

On a remote highway between Saynor and Boulder Junction Wisconsin you will find this little bait shop. Actually it is no longer an active business but a memorial to two women who operated it for for about 70 years. It is currently maintained by a group called Friends of Star Lake. This is one of my most popular photos but you would not know it was there if you did not know where to look! It takes some special techniques to find these hidden gems.

Here is a tip to help find some gems when traveling to and area that is unfamiliar to you. Before you go, do a google search of the area and then click on the “images” tab to see popular photos in that area. Also, you can subscribe to a photo sharing site such as Flickr. Here you post your photos so others can see them and you can look at photos others are sharing to get ideas. Also, you can search the site for ideas. Good luck!

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