Lumberjack Steam Train

In Laona Wisconsin, you will find the Lumberjack Steam Train. This actual steam train will take you back in time to an actual logging camp in Northern Wisconsin. This is the back-end of the train disappearing into the woods.

Lily Pads

Northern Wisconsin features over 3200 lakes streams and rivers. Also, these areas feature these beautiful marshes. Walk some of the back woods trails and take in the nature.

Northwoods Eagles

As mentioned in my previous post, if you missed the Eagles in St. Louis (Alton area), travel up to Wisconsin and catch-up with them there. Studies show that most of them live in Vilas and Oneida counties, many on Lake Minocqua. This photo was taken on the grounds of The Pointe Hotel and Suites where there is a dead tree they like to use to keep watch on the lake. Photographing these birds you will need a telephoto lens of 300mm or more. Also use anti-shake features that is available on all of the new cameras.

Road to Star Lake

The upper Midwest can provide some of the most spectacular fall colors and scenic drives. This is a road along Star Lake headed towards Boulder Junction, Wisconsin, an area that includes Manitowish Waters and Minocqua, an island town. Spending a few days here in early October is well worth the trip!

Bearskin Trail

The Bearskin Trail crosses lakes and marshes providing a wonderful way to view scenic Oneida County in northern Wisconsin. This old railroad trestle serves as the starting point out of downtown Minocqua.

Fredrickson’s Bait Shop

On a remote highway between Saynor and Boulder Junction Wisconsin you will find this little bait shop. Actually it is no longer an active business but a memorial to two women who operated it for for about 70 years. It is currently maintained by a group called Friends of Star Lake. This is one of my most popular photos but you would not know it was there if you did not know where to look! It takes some special techniques to find these hidden gems.

Here is a tip to help find some gems when traveling to and area that is unfamiliar to you. Before you go, do a google search of the area and then click on the “images” tab to see popular photos in that area. Also, you can subscribe to a photo sharing site such as Flickr. Here you post your photos so others can see them and you can look at photos others are sharing to get ideas. Also, you can search the site for ideas. Good luck!

Misty Lake

This is listed on my Smugmug page a one of my most interesting photos. So I am posting it here. This is Lake Minocqua around 6 AM on a very still and cold morning just before the snows started to fall. In the mist is one of the interesting old boathouses on the lake.

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Red Boathouse

You do not have to travel across country to visit a scenic area. One beautiful area in the Midwest is Northern Wisconsin and its Northwoods. Lake Minocqua hosts many attractive well maintained boathouses and is worth visiting just to see the these structures. Here is a large red boahouse that always makes a great subject for photographers. This is a three shot HDR photo, processed in Photomatix and Lightroom to bring out the color and the storm clouds.

Boathouse on Lake Minocqua