Road to Northport

Door County

For landscape and travel photographers there are two “must have” scenic areas to visit in Wisconsin. One is the Road to Northport (also known as the Winding Road) and the other is Fredrickson’s Bait Shop on Star Lake. This is the Windy Road which is Highway 42 at the top of the Door County peninsula just before it ends at Northport.

The road’s hills and swerves make such an interesting photo that photographers come from all over the country to get a shot. I have been there twice and each time I have found the road full of photographers waiting for a break in traffic so they can run out, set up and get the image. While waiting for the last car to disappear around the corner we share tips on how to get the best shot. This is one of those places you will have to go back to many times to get it right.

Tips: use a telephoto lens to compress the curves, avoid bright sun to eliminate shadows, do not lineup the center strips over the hump.

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