Bald Eagle

Minocqua, WI

We are fortunate in the Midwest, particularly our Great Rivers area where the Mississippi, Illinois and Missouri rivers merge to have these beautiful birds living here. Unfortunately the best time to see them is during the very cold months of January and February. Another good place to spot these eagles is in the Wisconsin Northwoods. In fact, there are so many there, if you take a walk around one of the thousand’s of lakes there you will surely spot one or two.

The little town of Minocqua, Wisconsin is agreat place to see them since the town is actually an island on Lake Minocqua. Minocqua is on the border of Oneida County and Vilas County. Onenida has 152  Eagle nests and Vilas county has 172 nests. By comparison, surrounding counties have 32, 16, 24, 27 and 29 nests each.

I visit the Minocqua almost annually so I know where to look. To get a photo like this, I get a reservation at The Pointe Resort on the lake. Just about any time I can walk out to the back of the facility and sure enough, you will find one in the trees looking out over the lake. The best time to visit here is summer and fall!

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