Grand Basin

St. Louis Art Museum

This photo takes you back over 115 years in time. Forest Park’s Grand Basin served as the center of the 1904 World’s Fair. This body of water was surrounded by “Grand Palaces” that featured: Electricity and Machinery; Industry and Manufacturing; Transportation; Mining; and Liberal Arts.

Beyond that is the famous Art Hill. Art Hill is the place to be seen sledding on snow days, a stage for large public events and, sometimes, the Forest Park Baloon Glow site.

Beyond that is The Palace of Fine Arts, the only palace constructed for the 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair which was intended to remain after the fair. The other buildings were constructed of wood and ornamented with what was called “staff”, a mixture of lime plaster and cement which contained glycerin and dextrose to which shredded hemp was added. During the fair the Palace of Fine Arts was dwarfed and hidden behind the much larger Festival Hall. The Palace of Fine Art is now the home to the St. Louis Art Museum and keeping to the inscription on the building “Dedicated to Art and Free to All”, the art museum changes no admission.

The photo is a three shot HDR photo taken on one end of the basin. Click on the photo for a larger version and more information.

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