Fred taking it easy in St. Louis’ Forest Park. I miss Fred and his sister Ethel. I met them when I offered to take them off the hands of a friend that found them in her yard. They had no tags, no names. I am involved with a Basset Rescue Group called Guardian Angel Basset Rescue and offered to take the two mysterious hounds and, if no one claimed them, I would get them to GABR. They lived with me for a week and were perfect guests. I already have a Basset Hound so the two visitors got along well with Dixie. We went for walks, visited Forest Park and they loved to play in the back yard with Dixie. I usually have two bassets but three was too many so they had to go to GABR to find their permanent home where someone could give them the attention the needed.

No one claimed them so GABR named the couple Fred and Ethel and found their “forever home” quickly.

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