Fall in the Park

One of the more spectacular areas in Forest Park is the Grand Basin with it’s 8 fountains and the Art Museum towering above. However, I like this quite area just to the east of the Basin. This is one of two waterways that allow you to take a paddle boat to the Grand Basin and the foot of Art Hill. The suspension bridge is always visible from a distance and makes for an interesting setting. Always bring your camera to Forest Park!

Eagle Bluff Light

A trip to Door County required a visit to a new lighthouse. Eagle Bluff Light is on the the Green Bay side of Door County. These place can be difficult to photograph because of all of the visitors and tours. A little patience will pay off.

A walk in Queeny Park

This is a view of Queeny Park in St. Louis County. The park is a favorite place to take my dogs for a long walk. On this walk we socialized with ten or twenty other dogs on the trail and saw a few deer. This is a three shot HDR photo processed in Lightroom, Photomatix and Topaz Impression.

Post-Dispatch Lake

A walk around Forest Park’s Post-Dispatch Lake gives this particular view. From this perspective, you would not know that you are in the center of St. Louis’ metropolitan area, surrounded by homes, apartments, hospitals and commercial areas. You would expect to find a Duck Blind nearby.

Daffodils in early Spring

More Springtime Daffodils. This time from St. Louis’ Forest Park. As I have stated before, this is one of America’s largest and most beautiful urban parks. Be sure to click on the links to see more photos of the park if you have not been there before!

Here is a scene of the Park’s suspension bridge with the St. Louis Art Museum in the background. This bridge makes an interesting subject for photographers (click here for another view).

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