Trustee’s Hallway

Recently I visited an interesting area called Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill in Kentucky. The village was constructed in the early 19th Century with high degree of craftsmanship. Their simple yet sound methods of building make for beautiful photographs. I recently posted several photos of one of a pair of spiral staircases in their Trustees office and Guesthouse. One photo from above and one on the second floor landing

However, I particularly like this photo with the light coming in from outside, pouring into the hallway. In the 19th Century the electric candles would have been real candles keeping the hallway somewhat lit. The leading lines draw you into the photos inviting you to rest for a while on the Shaker rocking chairs. Note the pegs on the wall. In the village, the pegs are on every room and hallway each building. In our guest room in this building, there were no closets to hang you clothes. You just found a nearby peg to hang you belongings. I found it very convenient. 

Click on the photo from more information. To see the complete set of photos from our “Foot Pack Weekend” click here.

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