Bruce Hunt

Sochii is out with his pack combing through brush and undergrowth trying to pickup the scent of a rabbit. He usually hunts with a dozen other Basset Hounds and is part of a pack that belongs to Three Creek Bassets, a professional group of hounds that competes nationally.

This is actually part of a sport called Basseting, which is, following a pack of Basset Hounds in pursuit of hares or rabbits. The structure is nearly identical to a traditional foxhunt, although the pursuit is on foot. It is a centuries-old tradition that continues to draw young and old who love the outdoors, good sport, and hunting with hounds.

The staff consists of the Master, or Joint Masters, Secretary, Whippers-in, and the Huntsman. Followers are called the Field. The Huntsman is responsible for the actual hunting of the hounds, while the Whippers-in assist to manage the pack. The Field Master leads the Field so members and guests will have the optimal views of the hounds at work.

Sochii and his packmates get out several times a week to do what they were originally bred for and they love their work.

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