Classic Boathouse

Red Boathouse

The boathouses of Lake Minocqua make up its character and this is one of the best examples. These types are known as “wet” boathouses because they are completely over the water. This is a nice one because it has three stalls, living/recreation area on the second floor and a cupola for watching lake activity from above. They also have a nice dock for swimming and additional space for boats on the side.

Many Lake Minocqua Boathouses are architecturally well designed making them a welcome addition to the lake.

So, how do you get a boat into one of those stalls? Since many of the boats in these are classic speedboats have inboard motors and wooden hulls, they can be very tricky. First, you have to lineup with a bay about 300 feet out and then cut the speed to an idle. If there is and wind, you have to get a feel for it and make adjustments. Then, at the idle speed, the torque of the engine will pull the boat to the right so another adjustment is needed. Once you get a feel for the torque and wind, you realign and in you go. No problem!

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