Bait Shop

One of my  photo tips is to go back. That is, if you find a really good subject, and this is a really good subject, go back multiple times to see if you can improve the shot. This is is my third visit to Fredrickson’s Bait Shop on Star Lake in Wisconsin but this is not much different that previous shots. It is a little sunnier day and I have a little more lake in the shot. However, this was photographed with my Nikon Z6 full frame camera instead of the D7100. This gives a little better color and light.

The picturesque Fredrickson bait shop, made of an old boxcar, sits on the shores of Star Lake just as it has for 75+ years. Friends of Star Lake has almost completed the restoration of the bait shop. The Bait shop serves as a self service museum where people can come and go and see it as if Edith and Hazel were still sitting in their easy chairs, reminiscing about the good old days in Star Lake.

Click on the photo for a larger version and options to purchase a copy.

Click here for a previous version

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