Sunrise at The Beacons

Beacons at Sunrise

Across Lake Minocqua from the Thirsty Whale lies the Beacons, a resort and timeshare property that was once the summer home of Fred. B. Snite, Jr. The Beacons’ distinctive lighthouse-style boathouse was built in 1908 and, according to local legend, was used by Snite to watch boat races, using mirrors and a periscope. Snite, son of a Chicago financier, contracted polio in 1936 at the age of 25, and spent the next 18 years lying on his back in a 700-pound respirator, which enabled him to breathe. famous as “the man in the iron lung” and “the Boiler kid,” Snite lived a surprisingly normal life and was known for his quick wit and ready smile. Using a chest respirator, he was occasionally able to leave the iron lung, but only for a couple of hours at a time. He married in 1939, and before he died of natural causes at age 44, he and his wife and three daughters enjoyed summers on Lake Minocqua.

Published by Ted Engler

President of WorkSafe Products

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