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Dogwood Mill

Dogwood Mill, the entrance to Dogwood Canyon. Built on Indian Creek this is the gateway a scenic walk past waterfalls, bridges and other unique areas.

Clarinda Courthouse

I spent last week visiting on of my equipment manufacturers in the small town of Clarinda, Iowa. I took part of one evening to photograph their historic courthouse and was able to capture this great image. The building was well lit and all I had to do was setup my camera on a tripod and […]

Alley Mill

Hidden away in Eminence, Missouri is Alley Mill. This mill has a large backup lake behind it spilling through the gate in front. This spring fed mill has crystal clear water spilling through it. When photographing a site like this, it is important to take you time to walk around and review various camera angles. […]

Sandy Creek Bridge

Sandy Creek Covered Bridge State Historic Site is a publicly owned property in Jefferson County, Missouri, administered by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, preserving the Sandy Creek Covered Bridge. The bridge is one of four remaining covered bridges in Missouri, which once numbered about 30.


The Keyhole. A little stream that runs under a stone stairway in the remote valley of Dogwood Canyon. Streams run through this scenic valley make it a great place to hike and enjoy the view. To get this photo I had to place a tripod on a stone in the middle of the stream to […]

Artist’s Shop

Here is an artist’s shop in Door County, Wisconsin. This is a old farm where the owner displays various crafts in various buildings that were once used of agriculture. The whole county is like this with very creative uses for buildings.

Artist’s Barn

Driving through the back alleys of Hermann, Missouri I found this interesting barn. Hermann is on the Missouri River and is full of wineries, restaurants and bed & Breakfasts.

Little Chapel

This little chapel sits on the edge of a stream with a waterfall in the background. The surrounding Dogwoods make this an ideal location. Click on the photo and then click the “i” for the location.

Waterfall Reflection

One of many falls in Dogwood Canyon. This one is popular because it one of the higher waterfalls and you can walk behind it. Probably 10’s of thousands of selfies taken here.


Missouri neighborhoods and countryside are full of Dogwoods. With our cool and rainy spring they have been prolific giving us this colorful spring. Be sure to get out and enjoy it!

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