Pere Marquette Lodge

On Sunday I drove up what is known as the Great River Road from St. Louis to Pere Marquette Lodge. The lodge was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps from 1933-1939. This is a guest cabin on the grounds.

The lodge its self is a large stone and log structure with guest room, restaurant and huge gathering area. It is a very impressive facility overlooking the Illinois River.

Kansas City

While in Kansas City for a meeting, I checked into the hotel. Asked if I had a floor preference, I told them the higher the better (always like a view). The clerk handed me the key (card) and up I went and found that I had been given a suite for the price of the discounted meeting price! I thought I would share the view.

This is a three shot HDR photo using an ISO of 200 at f7.1, 24mm and an average shutter speed of 6 seconds. A table was used as the tripod.

Kansas City

Door County, a great place for Artists and Photographers

A good place for artists and photographers is Door County, Wisconsin. If you are planing a visit to this area, finding a place to stay centrally located in important. I suggest the Village of Ephraim, this little cottage is a good example.

Posted by E.L. Engler Photography on Friday, March 10, 2017

See my Door County photos:


Great Rivers Eagles

Eagles are magnificent birds and therefore fun to photograph. You will need a telephoto lens and know where to find them. There are two places I go to find them. One is Lake Minocqua in Wisconsin. There is a resort on the lake where, if you have the right room, you can walk out on the deck and photograph them as much as you want (at about 5:00am they will let you know when they are ready).

The other area, closer to home, is the Mississippi River. Between Alton and Louisiana (MO) there are great areas to view Eagles.This is our “Great Rivers” area. For those that would like  to find out more, visit Meeting of the Great Rivers All  Around Alton.

A friend and I drove around the backwaters of the Mississippi near St. Charles, MO and came across this guy.

Christmas at Kirkwood Station

I stopped by Kirkwood Station to see if they had a Christmas display or lights to photograph. A train had just come in and the place was busy but the sun had set and the station was dark. I decided to take a few photos anyway so I set the camera to a high ISO, took a few hand held shots and left. I processed the photo in Photomatix and this was the result. You never know…

Kirkwood Station

Cave Point

On the Lake Michigan side of Door County you will find Cave Point County Park. This is an area of low bluffs along the lake that have been hollowed out by the waves. There are lots of scenic overlooks so if you visit, be sure to bring your camera.