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Loop Trolley on the Run

After years of Development, cost overruns and delays, the “Loop Trolley” begins it second day of full runs.The trolley runs from Forest Park’s History Museum to the University City Loop Area (Delamr Loop). On this day, it was packed with people and the Loop was buzzing. One day I will have to take a ride….

Fall Walk

Fall in St. Louis never disappointing. This is an area in Chesterfield Valley just above Spirit of St. Louis Airport. I have walked past this tree several times in the fall and it has always been amazing. So is the walk. This is a Plateau between the lower part of the valley and Wild Horse […]


One of the most technologically advanced airplanes of World War 2, the B-29 had many new features, including guns that could be fired by remote control. Two crew areas, fore and aft, were pressurized and connected by a long tube over the bomb bays, allowing crew members to crawl between them. The tail gunner had […]


Peacocks at a farm in St. Charles County. Peacocks are not native to the United States but can live well in the area. While they do not make good pets, keeping them on a farm or large estate works well.

Gordon Lodge Pier

One of many iconic scenes in Door County. This is a pier at the entrance of North Bay near Baileys Harbor. The a beautiful fall day and sunset light gives a nice effect.

Sail Boat, Fish Creek Harbor

On our way out to Green Bay we passed this moored sail boat in Fish Creek Harbor. While Fall is a quieter time in Door County there were still a few sailboats out in the channel taking advantage of a beautiful day. This photo has been edited by a program to make it more like […]

Pottery Shop

One of the many home type shops in Door County. This is a nice pottery shop near Ellison Bay centered around an old farm.

MG Dashboard

Dashboard of a 1933 MG L Type Roadster. MG stood for Morris Garage and this is the classic style manufactured from the early 30’s through the early 50’s.

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