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Ideas for places to visit in the Midwest

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Stream of waterfalls

One of my favorite vistas in Dogwood Canyon. Here you have four small waterfalls on this steam and a footbridge in the distant background. This is about ¾ to 1 mile into the valley. If you keep walking you would end up in Arkansas. If you click on the photo it will take you to […]


This is a favorite photo of mine from Big Cedar Lodge. This would have been just as the sun was setting over Table Rock Lake and this is the upper floor of Falls Lodge. This is a great place to visit with an incredible amount of things to do. Or you could just watch the […]


Pedestrian Crossing sign at Big Cedar Lodge near Branson, MO. This place is full of all sorts of fun things like this. Driving on the property is an experience itself with these signs, shallow water crossings, waterfalls, gardens and more! If you visit, be sure to take your camera!


This is one of the many waterfalls at Big Cedar Lodge and Dogwood Canyon. It seems that nothing can be built in these two areas without adding a waterfall. There are so many streams that run this resort that many just flow across the road. I will be visiting Dogwood canyon this weekend so watch […]

Peaceful Stream

This peaceful scene is from Dogwood Canyon, a beautiful area in Southwestern Missouri. A walk through this area is complete with streams, waterfalls and scenic structures. It is worth the visit. Be sure to check back next week for some new photos from this crazy place.  

View from Devil’s Pool

This is a view from the deck of Devil’s Pool restaurant at Big Cedar Lodge. Big Cedar is such an interesting place that you could not run out of things to photograph. It is an old estate with beautiful buildings and interesting architecture, restaurants, golf courses and more!

Table Rock Lake

One of Missouri’s most spectacular resorts is Big Cedar Lodge. This is an old 1920’s estate converted to a resort by the owner of Bass Pro Shop. The creativity of the owners is something to see. Here is a photo overlooking the Registration building towards Table Rock Lake. This early morning photo gives great lighting […]

Devil’s Pool Restaurant

Big Cedar Lodge in Ridgdale, MO is full of great restaurants. Devil’s Pool is a nice casual place for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This interesting entrance hides a large dining area with a deck and an expansive view of Table Rock Lake in Missouri’s Ozarks. If the weather permits, watching the sunset from the deck […]

Big Cedar Lodge

It is my goal to photograph unique places in the Midwest for my followers. Big Cedar Lodge has to be the unique of the unique! Over the next week I will be posting images from this resort and affiliate areas. Big Cedar has a marina, a bunch of fabulous restaurants, waterfalls everywhere, golf, caves and […]

Sunset at Big Cedar

Photos taken during the “golden hour” (about 20 min before/after sunrise/sunset) can provide the perfect lighting for photography. This deck at Big Cedar Lodge, near Branson, MO, reflects sunlight a few minutes after sunset. Photo taken with a Nikon D90 and a Nikon 18 – 105mm lens. Settings: f5, 18mm, 1/30th second, ISO 500.

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