Old Courthouse

My hometown, St. Louis, with our old courthouse and the Gateway Arch behind it. The pathway here is part of the new Kiener Plaza (not sure what was wrong with the old Kiener Plaza). Lots to do and photograph in this area but be sure to get the Arch in the background!

This photo was taken about 30 minutes after sunset to get the nice even lighting. Also, this is a three shot bracketed photo to get the lighting right. Everything was processed in Photomatix and Lightroom.

Missouri State Capitol

Inauguration day in the Missouri State Capitol. As music plays in the rotunda all of the offices are staffed and full of people from both parties. Truly and exciting time to visit and open to anyone who wants to attend. This is a hand held photo taken at 1/10th of a second, f3.5, 18mm, ISO 2000. Two things that make this work are the anti-shake mode in the lens and the ability of the Nikon D7100 to handle low light situations well.

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Missouri State Capitol

Afternoon Sun

I spend Fall Sunday afternoons with a group called Three Creek Bassets, following the hounds though overgrown creek beds, around fields and along old roads. The setting afternoon sun in the countryside make it an enjoyable activity. This photo was taken with a Coolpix S9700 and processed in Lightroom.

Flags of Valor

7000 “Flags of Valor” cover Art Hill in St. Louis’ Forest Park. These flags commemorate 9/11 in 2016 and honor fallen soldiers fighting terrorism. I spent an hour one evening taking photos of the site from various angles. Here is on facing the St. Louis Art Museum with the sun setting in the background.

The Castle at Ha Ha Tonka

Ha Ha Tonka (25 of 1)

Here is another view of the “Castle” at Ha Ha Tonka State Park. This was actually a large mansion on a bluff overlooking a beautiful valley in the Missouri Ozarks. The man who designed it never lived to see it completed. Due to his sudden death, the property was never properly maintained and the home eventually was destroyed by fire.

This is a very large building and directly behind me is a steep bluff so getting far enough away to get the whole facade in the photo is almost impossible. Also to catch the drama of the lighting from the sunset meant capturing the scene from the dark side of the building. To counter these issues, I used a 10mm wide angle lens and took 5 shots of the right side of the building at different exposures and 5 shots of the left side of the building. Each of these 5 photos were combined in Lightroom using its HDR function. Then the results were combined in Lightroom again using its Panorama function. These results were then edited in Photomatix.

Sunset at Big Cedar

Photos taken during the “golden hour” (about 20 min before/after sunrise/sunset) can provide the perfect lighting for photography. This deck at Big Cedar Lodge, near Branson, MO, reflects sunlight a few minutes after sunset.

Photo taken with a Nikon D90 and a Nikon 18 – 105mm lens. Settings: f5, 18mm, 1/30th second, ISO 500.

Big Cedar Lodge

Forest Park Suspension Bridge

Forest Park in St. Louis is so nicely maintained that it even looks great in the winter. This is an old footbridge along the waterways that run through the Park. This bridge sways so much that my Basset Hounds refuse to walk on it!

This was taken at sunset (50mm, f6.3, 1/250 sec).

Sunset in Forest Park

It is always amazing how beautiful our Forest Park can be.

I am trying a new Sigma lens here. Had to take the photo quickly to capture the geese so the photo is not as sharp as I would like…