Chaumette Chalets

With Fall just around the corner now is the time to start thinking about heading out to a local winery or an interesting B&B out in the country. This is a photo of the “Chalets” at Chaumette Vineyards and Winery near scenic St. Genevieve, Missouri. Chaumette has it all: winery, restaurant and their beautiful Chalets.

This area actually sits high in the rolling hills in the area. The views are spectacular. My wife ad I spent the night in one of the Chalets and I ventured out early one morning to capture the sunrise.

Old Barn

Missouri’s St. Genevieve, situated in the rolling hills of the Ozarks, is an old historic town surrounded by scenic countryside. Here is an old barn restored by a local winery.


An early morning near St. Genevieve, Missouri. A sunrise or sunset can produce a wide variety of light from very bright to very dark. HDR photography can help record all levels of light and produce beautiful photos. This is a combination of three photos taken at different exposures and processed in Lightroom and Photomatix. A wide 14mm lens helped capture the whole scene at an ISO of 100, 1/3rd of a second shutter speed at f13.

Using wide lenses to add drama

I used to think that getting in tight on a subject may make a more interesting photo and, that may be the case. However, over the years I have noticed that the wide lenses add more drama and so I haveĀ been adding wider and wider lenses to my stock over time. This photo is of a simple porch. However, the 10mm lens used here provides interesting converging lines and a dramatic sky, making a less than ordinary subject interesting. This was done with a Sigma 10-20mm 3.5 lens on my Nikon D7100 (3 shot HDR, processed in Photomatix and Lightroom).

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