Take a walk in this scenic Door County area

This is one of Door County’s most interesting parks. Cave Point County Park is revered by divers, photographers, swimmers, hikers, and all who visit. The beautifully carved rock faces lining the blue waters of Lake Michigan are quintessentially Door County. While not a state or national park, Cave Point has no shortage of majesty. Local county officials preserve the park, offering free admission to the picnic areas, trails, and spectacular views just up the beach from Whitefish Dunes State Park.

This is one of the trails that parallels Lake Michigan with a view of underwater caves and limestone cliffs along the scenic lake. Follow it to explore the area and vistas of Lake Michigan. While walking you will experience waves crashing along the bluff and the spray of water.

I stopped by the park just after sunrise to capture some photos of the area. After taking a few shots I realized that I needed a wider lens to capture the beauty of the area. Swapping lenses, I was able to get this photo with a wide 14mm lens showing the path and the lake with the bright sunshine causing a glare.

Click on the photo to get more information or purchase a copy. Click here for more photos of Door County.

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