Saint Boogie

VP Parade

A crowd in downtown is serenaded as they had a quick breakfast and organized for their  annual parade. In the background is the old St. Louis Courthouse.  This is the site of the Dred Scott case which contributed to the start of the Civil War and now acts as an historic museum sitting in front of the Gateway Arch.

The parade is the largest in the midwest and dates back almost to the time of Dred Scott. Once everyone finishes their breakfast, they will be briefed on the days events and man floats, cars, mounted brigades and more!

Saint Boogie was a pleasant surprise that morning.

Old Barn

Beau Eaux Hunt

This is a follow-up to the previous post. The Midwest is filled with very flat farmland as shown in the previous post and gentle rolling hills as shown here. As our old barns are disappearing, our scenic landscape is changing.

Regardless, driving through our picturesque Midwest is a way to experience spacious farmlands,  old structures and quaint towns.

Click here for my photos of Rural Missouri. Click on the photo for detailed information on the photo.

Rural America

If you are traveling by by car for vacation this summer, this may be a scene you see repeatedly on the highway. Our Midwest can be a place of beauty with interesting scenes around every corner.

Be sure to visit: Rural Missouri for more scenes like this. Click on the photo for purchase options.

Backyard Cardinal

Playing with my Nikkor Z 70-200mm lens today in the backyard. There are a lot of Cardinals back there and this turned out to be one of favorite photos. The Cardinal is about 120 ft away sitting on an old log.

The settings were: 310mm (using a 2x Teleconverter), f6.7, 1/180sec, ISO 800. Camera Nikon Z6, lens: Nikkor Z 70-200mm f2.8 VR S w/Z TC-2.0x.

You really do not need to be anywhere special to get some nice wildlife photos. A better place is parks. Parks with lakes tend to have ducks, geese, egrets and other wildlife. The nice thing about parks is that the animals tend to be somewhat tame and easy to photograph.

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Flying People

Circus Flora 2022

I thought I would use this scene to give some photography tips. This is a gymnastic team at Circus Flora in St. Louis. Circus Flora is a one ring circus with interesting sets, costumes and acts. This makes it a good venue to photograph with continuing subjects and a lot of challenges. The good: one ring circuses are small venues where every set is up close and personal; since it is a performance venue there is good lighting with spotlights and interesting subjects. The bad: lots of action; unexpected movement; not enough light for rapid movement; need for close-up and wide angle shots; no flash allowed; no focus assist lights allowed.

First, I used Nikon Z6 camera with a Nikkor Z 24-120mm f4 lens. I set the ISO to 2200 to handle lighting issues, kept the exposure above 1/250 sec and the lens at f4.0 or a little higher.

In some cases I used continuous shooting to capture rapid movement, kept the ISO high and watched the playback display. As always, this is a venue I visit every few years and have a feel for how everything is going to play out. This is probably one of my best tips. If you have a subject you like, go back several times to re-evaluate your composition.

Click on the photo for specifications and more info.

Under the Big Top

Circus Flora 2022

Yoyo the Narrator opens Circus Flora, a one ring circus. Commissioned by famed Italian composer Gian Carlo Menotti for the Spoleto Festival in 1986, Circus Flora immediately set about creating productions unlike most Americans had seen before – productions that melded the best elements of traditional European circus with modern theater techniques and sensibilities. From the very beginning, every Circus Flora production has been an original performance, its storyline often rooted in history or literature. Through the narrative, individual acts are woven into a cohesive story, further developed and enhanced by live music composed specifically for the productions. With its 36th anniversary around the corner, Circus Flora has become part of the cultural fabric of St. Louis—an anticipated event and harbinger of summer in the city.

C-Type Dash

C-Type Jag cockpit. I always liked these old instrument panels. This gives the driver speed, RPMs along with fuel gauge, oil pressure, battery charge and water temp. For diving: 5 speed manual transmission, no power steering, lots of power. Something like this drives like a truck at low speed and flys when you have it over 50 mph.


The European Auto Show was in St. Louis Last weekend. This is a good chance to see some classic sports cars from the 60’s & 70’s in addition to later models. Not only did these people bring their Porsche, they brought a tent (very smart during the sunny days).

I enjoy seeing the old MGs, Austin Healeys and Jags but they had some very nice Ferraris and Maseratis too. 

Waking the Beast

JO Holton Dedication

If someone woke you up, you would be grumpy too. Starting this Wright Twin Cyclone’s 14 cylinders is fun to watch as it kicks and backfires during the startup process. Here you see the co-pilot watch the engine as each cylinder comes in line until they all are working in unison.  Once all is running smoothly the smoke disappears, the engine settles down then more power is added and the plane comes alive.

Spanish Lady

JO Holton Dedication

“Spanish Lady” is Nose Art on a North American Aviation T-6 Texan. The Spanish Lady is a 1949 North American T-6G Texan. She was originally manufactured by North American Aviation in 1944 as an AT-6D and was used to train allied pilots during World War II. The Texan is two-seat aircraft and served as the advanced single engine trainer during the war. For many pilots, the Texan was the last trainer flown before moving to their combat aircraft. In many ways the Texan was a new pilot’s final exam, hence the nickname the Pilot Maker. Between 1 July 1939 and 31 August 1945, a total of 193,440 pilots graduated from Army Air Force advanced flying schools. Most of those logged significant time in a T-6.

Pumpkin Drop 18-8

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