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Ideas for places to visit in the Midwest

Indian Cliff Falls

Indian Cliff Falls

Near the entrance to the Dogwood Canyon trails is Indian Cliff Falls. This stunning scene is right behind the grist mill that marks the entrance to the canyon. For those that are not familiar with this area, it is deep in Southwestern Missouri not too far from Branson.

Dogwood Canyon Nature Park covers 10,000 acres of pristine Ozark Mountain Landscape and is a one-of-a-kind experience for nature lovers and adventure seekers of all ages. The park offers miles of crystal-clear trout streams, cascading waterfalls, ancient burial caves, hand-built bridges and bottomless pools. Enjoy hiking, biking, trout fishing, horseback riding, segway tours and more during your visit to Dogwood Canyon.

Lion Gates

On either side of Delmar Blvd., just west of the commercial district called the Loop, stand the gatekeepers to University City. Perched on their 40-foot limestone pylons, two massive feline figures keep watch high above the heads of pedestrians and motorists. Presently engulfed by mature trees that partly obscure the viewer’s line of vision, these lions were two of the only structures visible for miles at the time University City was first being subdivided from acres of pasture land.

Delmar Loop

City Hall and The Loop

University City City Hall and the west end of the popular Delmar Loop. The Delmar Loop is a buzzing entertainment and dining hub with an eclectic mix of noodle bars, BBQ restaurants, Korean and Mexican eateries, cocktail lounges and pubs lining Delmar Boulevard. Well-known locals with stars on the St. Louis Walk of Fame include Maya Angelou and Betty Grable, as well as Chuck Berry, whose statue is nearby. Music venues like the Pageant and Delmar Hall stage rock, roots and indie gigs. Interesting place.

City Hall

The City Hall of University City, Missouri, was built in 1903 as the “Women’s Magazine Building”, the headquarters of a magazine publishing company, and became a city hall in 1930.

The octagonal, five-story brick-and-limestone building was built in a Beaux-Arts style with a dome roof. The building features a marble staircase connecting the first and second floors, a central rotunda and a large domed room on the top floor that serves as the council chambers.

Waiting for me to leave

Every Spring, when I put up my bright red patio umbrella, a pair of Cardinals are waiting to make it their new home. The umbrella goes up, I go into the house and there they are building a nest. When I come back outside, they move to a safe distance chirping at me, hoping I will leave. Sadly it will never work because the umbrella is collapsed at night and the deck is a busy place. So perhaps next year…..

Photo take with a 300mm Tamron Lens.


Stream Crossing

Dogwood Canyon 2019

Dogwood Canyon Nature Park in Southwestern Missouri is one of the jewels of the state. They have about 4 miles of paths that follow this stream through a valley/canyon south all the way to Arkansas. On the way you will view spectacular scenery including never ending waterfalls. A few ways to experience the area is by tram or walking. I prefer to walk in order to get the full experience.

It is an amazing place. Click here for more photos of Dogwood Canyon and its parent facility, Big Cedar Lodge.

To get a photo like this, use a tripod, use the lowest ISO you can, the highest f stop and a very dark ND Filter. You want the shutter open as long as possible to get the falls to blur and have white tint.

Pere Marquette Cabin

Driving up the The Great River Road outside of Alton, Illinois is a great experience. Driving from Alton, though Grafton on to Pere Marqutte State Park you will find great restaurants, wineries, bed and breakfasts and a spectacular view of the Mississippi River. Be sure to stop along the way to see the Bald Eagles and Pelicans.

A few miles north of Grafton is the Pere Marquette Lodge, a WPA project from the 30’s. The beautiful lodge is surrounded by these little cabins that are available for rent for the night as shown in this photo. This is a great place to hike, visit the park or explore nearby Grafton. Take your camera!

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