Japanese Garden Bridge

Missouri Botanical Garden

One of the nicest areas of the Missouri Botanical Garden is the Japanese Garden. The area has flowering trees, a lake and bridge.

The Japanese Garden, one of the largest in North America and represents an evolution of centuries of tradition and a multiplicity of distinctly Japanese cultural influences.

Incorporating carefully designed plantings, waterfalls, beaches and islands, the Japanese Garden invites visitors to experience the thrill of personal interpretation and discovery in a serene landscape that’s uniquely beautiful in every season.

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Water Foul

Yesterday I went to St.Louis’ Forest Park to try out my new Nikkor Z 70-200mm lens on some of the wildlife. The park has a series of connected lakes and streams with various types of waterfowl living there. They make a great addition to the park and good subjects for photographers.

Here we have a Mallard  hen and drake on a channel between the Grand Basin and Post-Dispatch Lake. This was taken with my new Nikon Z6 with the Nikkor Z 70-200mm f2.8 and a 2X extender. This gave me an effective 400mm lens.

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Herbst Farm

Bertie, out with her friends in Southeastern Missouri. On this Sunday a pack or professional hunting bassets were brought to her farm to test their scent skills in a new environment. Bertie, still a puppy, enjoyed going out with them to see if she could stir up any of those pesky rabbits that have been taunting her for weeks.

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Herbst Farm

As you drive through the back roads in Missouri, it is not unusual pass many horse farms. I visited this farm where they raise these beautiful Arabian horses. While I was watching them, they could not help showing off for me. As they pranceded around, they kept looking at me to make sure I was still watching.

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Locked Gate

Ha HA Tonka

This gate takes you to the burned out ruins on the estate at Ha Ha Tonka. The massive edifice overlooks the bluffs above Lake of the Ozarks in Camdenton, Missouri. You can visit this park, explore the grounds and enjoy the many scenic and sometimes haunting overlooks. This one of the unusual must visit gems in Missouri.

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Water Tower

Ha HA Tonka

Another view of the water tower in Ha Ha Tonka State Park. This park is a public recreation area encompassing over 3,700 acres on the Niangua arm of the Lake of the Ozarks, about five miles south of Camdenton, Missouri, in the United States.

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Water Tower at Ha Ha Tonka

Ha HA Tonka

The ruins of Ha Ha Tonka are an amazing place to explore. This is an old burned out estate overlooking the Lake of the Ozarks that has been turned into a state park. The ruins include a large stone house, carriage house and water tower all on dramatic bluffs overlooking the lake. You can explore the ruins or roam the extensive grounds. Bring your camera and be careful not to step off of a cliff!

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Cold Morning in the Park

Forest Park

Lots of snow and ice in St. Louis over the past few days and more coming. While it makes lift difficult here, it makes for a beautiful landscape and slows life down a little bit.

Basset in the snow!

More snow on the way today (they say). Even with their low stature, they loved to plow through it! And when they run they can get snow to fly everywhere!

Return from the Hunt

Basseting 2020 - 2021 Season

Hounds from Tree Creek Bassets kennel return form the hunt. With the hunters, we have 3 Couples (six Basset Hounds), Annie the Coonhound and bringing up the rear is Brian-Scott a one year old Basset Hound not quite ready to be a tracker. The other six hounds have spent about two hours scouring fields, wood and dense brush for the scent of a rabbit. They were were rewarded with several lines that led them on a frenzied chase now it is time to go home.

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