Lumberjack Steam Train

In Laona Wisconsin, you will find the Lumberjack Steam Train. This actual steam train will take you back in time to an actual logging camp in Northern Wisconsin. This is the back-end of the train disappearing into the woods.

Sailing School

Last week I visited some old friends in the resort town of Harbor Springs in Michigan. Every day you would find the kids learning to sail. Here are a few boats waiting for the students.

Harbor Springs, Michigan

Nestled in a small bay on northern Lake Michigan is the scenic little town of Harbor Springs. This is a photo taken of Harbor Springs by my father 80 years ago. Dad was an avid photographer who always had a camera at hand. He shared his love of photography with me by making sure I had my own cameras and by taking my exposed rolls of film in for development. On vacations he and I would always go together to the little camera shop in Minocqua, Wisconsin to by supplies. Sadly Dad missed out on the digital camera revolution which he would have loved.

I will be headed to Harbor Springs later this summer, watch for some great photos from Up North!

Harbor Springs, Michigan
Harbor Springs, Michigan

Highway 51 Bridge

A number of my photos and articles here have been about low light or night photography. I thought I would share one of my favorites. This is the Highway 51 bridge allowing access onto the island city of Minocqua, Wisconsin. This is the third bridge constructed here in my lifetime and I think the 6th overall. This photo is used by Yahoo’s weather app and was featured in Minocqua’s 2014 visitors guide.

I just purchased my Nikon D7100 and did not really have a chance to use it. My wife and I were walking back from dinner and we stopped by a place called the The Boathouse on the way back to our hotel. While sitting on their dock, I set the ISO and snapped this photo (ISO 1000, f5, 1/8th sec). The shimmering light on the water really made the shot.