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Range Light

This is not a school house and not a lighthouse. It is what is known as a “range light.” There are two lights, one at each end of the walkway in the photo. The other light (not shown in this photo) is near Baileys Harbor and when ships lineup the two lights, they have found […]


// I have created a new album in Flicker for Lighthouses. Click on the photo to go to the Lighthouse page and check back from time to time for updates, there will be more!

Lighthouse Steps

When visiting sea shores or the Great Lakes, be sure to locate local lighthouses. In most cases you can tour them and go up to the light. The view is worth the time.

McGulpin Point Lighthouse

While visiting Northern Michigan, I had to check out some of the lighthouses along the shore. This is the McGilpin Point Lighthouse just west of the Mackinac Bridge. It is now a museum where you are able to check out the living quarters and climb up to the light.